Use Google Team Drive with MindMup

In March, Google Drive got a major update making it easier to collaborate with Team Drives. From today, MindMup 2 supports working on Team Drives, so you’ll be able to use all the benefits from the new Google Drive features with your mind maps.

The Team Drive support is available both to free accounts and MindMup Gold users. Most functionality works out of the box. You can create, move and manage MindMup files on Team Drives as you would with any other document types.

Google has not yet completed work on Team Drive, so the third-party application components for sharing and file management are not fully supported. As a result, the following operations currently only work from the Google Drive web interface, and are not available directly from the MindMup pages:

We’ll monitor the progress Google is making with supporting Team Drives in their widgets, and when the sharing and file picking components get support for Team Drive, we’ll integrate them into MindMup as well.

As Team Drives are a relatively new product, we’d like to hear more about how you’re using them, especially if the current workflows in MindMup can be improved to better support your collaboration. Let us know on the MindMup2 Google discussion group.

For more information on Team Drives, see Getting Started with Team Drives from the GSuite Learning Center.