News and announcements

Share maps privately () : Gold users can now share maps privately read more

Version history for maps () : Access version history for mind maps saved to Google Drive read more

Organisational publishing control () : Administrators can now restrict publishing for their organisations read more

Announcing the Productivity theme () : Manage large maps easily with a new MindMup Productivity theme. read more

Access published maps easily () : You can now access maps published to Atlas easily read more

Create concept maps with MindMup () : You can now create concept maps with MindMup read more

Use Google Team Drive with MindMup () : You can now use Google Drive Team drives with MindMup 2 read more

Use permanent passwords for MindMup Gold () : You can now use permanent passwords with MindMup Gold read more

Services back to normal () : Outage report, February 28th 2017. read more

Expand nodes () : Make larger maps easier to read by expanding nodes read more

Import larger maps () : Import larger maps into MindMup 2 for Google Drive read more

New MindMup Site () : The new MindMup site is live! Get started with MindMup easier, and activate Gold for your entire organisation! read more