Announcing MindMup for Small Teams

MindMup Gold for Small Teams is a new service enabling small groups, up to 10 people, to collaborate and share mind maps easily.

Subscribing for MindMup Gold allows small teams to remove size restrictions, turn on collaborative editing and private sharing, similar to the other Gold account types. This Gold account type is intended for smaller organisations or informal teams that want consolidated billing and account management, but do not have a GSuite/Google Apps or Office 365 domain subscription.

Key differences from other account types

Compared to the MindMup Gold Personal account, Small Teams allows up to 10 users to have separate usernames and passwords, while still paying for a single subscription. Each user can have private maps, and share maps individually with other users. Users can also share maps easily with the whole team, by moving them to ‘team maps’. In addition, a Small Team account administrator can restrict sharing maps outside the team, the same way Organisational account administrators can. For small groups, the Small Teams account is also significantly cheaper than buying individual Personal accounts.

Compared to the MindMup Gold Organisational account, Small Teams does not require a third-party organisational account management system (such as GSuite or Office 365 subscription). You can manage users directly from your account management page. For small groups, the Small Teams account is 50% cheaper than the Organisational account.

Before today, the only way to share a Gold subscription across a small group of users was to assign several e-mails as administrators on a personal account. This was problematic because it gave all collaborators full control of he account. Now that the Small Team service is available, you can safely give collaborators access to your maps and let them use Gold-level features, without giving them full control of your subscription.

Now that the Small Team service is available, we’re reducing the number of available linked e-mails for personal accounts. New personal accounts can still link one more e-mail, to be able to sign in using Google or Office 365, but will no longer be able to add five e-mails. Existing subscribers, however, will not be affected by this change. If you had an active personal Gold subscription on 27 March 2018, the maximum number of your linked e-mails stays the same.

How much does it cost?

The price for MindMup Gold for Small Teams, for groups of up to 10 users, is $50 USD per year – the equivalent of just two personal subscriptions.

How to register?

To register, just select the ‘small team’ in the subscription type dropdown.

More information

For more information on this new service, check out the MindMup for Small Teams tutorial page.