Make nodes wider or narrower quickly

When a node has lots of text inside, MindMup will automatically wrap the text to create nodes of relatively same width. For maps that have lots of long text in nodes, this usually creates relatively narrow but tall nodes, which is good for smaller screens. If you work on a wide monitor or have lots of screen space horizontally, you may want to restructure the nodes to allow more words per line. Until today, you had to drag and drop each individual node to increase the word wrapping limit. A new theme configuration feature allows configuring this limit quickly for the entire map, or for individual node levels.

To manage the word wrapping width for the whole map, first click the “View -> Customize theme” option.

Then find the “Borders” section in the sidebar, and click the “Wider nodes” or “Narrower nodes” in the section you want to change. The “defaults” section updates all nodes, and individual sections below that allow you to tweak the defaults for specific map levels.