New MindMup Site

Welcome to the new MindMup web site!

Over the last three years, MindMup grew in lots of different directions, driven by our user community. With all the various ideas and experiments, we ended up creating several different versions of MindMup, and several web sites for users to learn more about MindMup. This caused a lot of confusion, especially for new users. Today, we’re glad to re-launch as the central information web site, and make it much more straight-forward to get started. Check out all the great tutorials – we’ll publish more soon.

Activate Gold for your entire organisation - just $100 per year

In addition, we’re very glad to launch a way for organisations using Google Apps for Education/Google Apps for Work to enable MindMup Gold service for their entire domains, at a price of just 100 USD/year (regardless of the number of users). By registering for MindMup Gold, you remove can limits on server-side exporting and support long-term availability of MindMup. Check out MindMup Gold Benefits and How to start a domain subscription.

MindMup 2 is now the main version

About a year ago, we began a complete re-write of the user interface to make it simpler, more intuitive, and easier to use on mobile devices. We called that version ‘MindMup 2’. At launch, it was only capable of delivering a small subset of MindMup features, but it’s now allowing you to do almost everything you could in the old version, plus a lot more. Until today, users had to intentionally go to a separate web site to benefit from all the new features in MindMup 2. We now feel that the version 2 is good enough to become the main version, so any newly created maps from this web site will use that version.

Moving away from legacy MindMup

We have moved the legacy version to where you’ll be able to use it until 1 January 2017. The maps created using the old version, for Gold users, will automatically be accessible in the new site. Maps you created on Google Drive, Dropbox and GitHub can easily be imported into the new site, check out How to migrate your maps from the legacy version.

We will also use this opportunity to discontinue some lesser used versions and features of MindMup, in order to focus our development capacity on things that can make a bigger impact.