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How to set up a MindMup Gold subscription

Personal subscriptions

You can register for a subscription directly from the MindMup application:

  1. While editing a map, click on the account e-mail in the top right corner and then the MindMup Gold button. If you are not currently signed in, click the Sign Up button in the top right corner instead.

  2. A popup dialog will show a registration form, where you should enter the desired account name and choose the subscription type. The account name will be part of the URL of any maps you publish - it can only consist of lowercase latin letters.

  3. MindMup will check if the chosen account name is free, and register your account. That should normally take only a few seconds, and after that the dialog will offer payment options. You can now choose paying by PayPal or a Credit/Debit card (we accept all major cards).

  4. Once the payment is complete, you will see a confirmation dialog showing the details of your subscription. You are now ready to start using MindMup Gold in the current browser.

Domain/Organization subscriptions

If your organisation or educational institution is using Google Apps (including Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Work), you can easily enable Gold services for all the user accounts on the domain.

The e-mail account used to sign up for Gold will have administrative privileges, being able to update payment methods and cancel your subscription. We strongly suggest using a generic administrative e-mail for that, instead of a personal account. This will enable the organisation to administer your MindMup Gold account easily.

More information

For additional assistance, or if you have questions about MindMup Gold, please contact us.