Finding your old mind maps

Here is how to quickly find the maps you previously saved with MindMup:

Google Drive
Go to and click on the Open from Google Drive button. Alternatively, use the Google Drive web site to search for your map title. Right-click on the file in Drive, and select Open With -> MindMup 2.
MindMup Cloud (Gold accounts)
Go to the MindMup 2 cloud file list. Alternatively, open, click on Get Started, then Open an existing map.
Free MindMup Cloud storage
Search your browser history for pages from the domain (e.g. in Chrome, type chrome://history into the address bar, then type in into the search box). For free users, we don’t track who saved what (there is no MindMup account to link a map with), so your browser profile is the best place to find old maps.

Please note that free maps are only stored to MindMup Cloud for six months. Free maps expire six months after they are created, and are automatically removed from our services. If a free map is no longer available on an old URL, and it was created more than six months ago, it will not be possible to recover it directly from MindMup. If you saved a local backup copy, you can import it back into MindMup using File > Import from the application menu.