Using MindMup with Google Drive

MindMup 2 integrates nicely with the Google Drive web interface. That means that you can create mind maps directly from the Drive web app, organise them into folders, and manage them as with any other Google Drive document. For example, mind Maps created in a Drive folder automatically inherit sharing permissions from the folders. You can also open maps just by double-clicking on them, and import any compatible format into a MindMup mind map by right-clicking and selecting to open with MindMup.

To get the benefits of this integration, you need to install MindMup 2 into your Google Drive as an application. Follow the steps in this tutorial to do so.

Installing MindMup 2 to your Drive

The easiest way to install MindMup 2 to your Google Drive is by using the button below:

If your browser or organisation block inline app installations, you won’t see a button here, which means that you’ll have to install it manually.

Manual installation for Chrome

If you are using Chrome, just add the application from the Google Apps Marketplace.

Manual installation for other browsers

  1. Log on to the Google Drive Web app
  2. Click on the Drive Settings (cog icon in the top-right corner)
  3. In the Settings popup dialog, select Manage Apps
  4. Click on Connect more apps links in the header
  5. Locate “MindMup 2.0 For Google Drive” using the search box
  6. Click on the Connect button next to the application

If your account is managed by a GAFE/Google Apps domain administrator, you may not be able to add the application directly. In that case, send your administrator the link to the Key info for GAFE/Google Apps Admins