Unblocking Google Authentication

Check if accounts.google.com cookies are blocked
Recent Chrome releases (all platforms) and Safari on macOS block or remove cookies from Google Authentication services used on third-party sites. To sign into MindMup using Google, browsers need to allow third-party cookies. If this is blocked, you may need to white-list cookies from accounts.google.com. Alternatively, unblock third-party cookies. For more detailed technical information, check out Sign In Troubleshooting in Google’s documentation.
Are you using disconnect, ghostery, privacy badger or some other blocker extension?
Those modules, by design, block requests going out of a web site, so they will block access to Google Authentication and Google Drive from MindMup. In order to use Google Services via MindMup, you will need to whitelist those requests or domains. Check your privacy module documentation about that.
Are you using an ad blocker?
Some misconfigured ad blockers may think that requests to Google services are trying to load ads. To check if you have this problem, start MindMup in a private (incognito) mode and check if it works. Here are the instructions for Chrome and Firefox. You may need to whitelist Google Drive in those ad blockers to allow MindMup to access it
Still have problems?
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