Add Notes to your mind maps

Quick text notes and comments are a fantastic way to capture more contextual information in a mind map, such as presenter notes, instructions for team-mates, research ideas or bits of text planned for a larger document. MindMup makes it easy to capture that kind of information and also easily convert it into Word or Markdown documents.

To add text notes to any node, just press the N key, or select View > Sidebar > Show Notes.

You can close the notes by selecting View > Sidebar > Close sidebar or by pressing the Esc key.

Export notes

You can easily export the notes from your map into a text document, and continue editing them in your favourite text editor. This is a great way to prepare an outline for a writing assignment. Select File > Download as > Notes. This will create a document with all the notes from the map, and optionally include the titles of the nodes containing those notes.

Alternatively, you can export the entire map outline as a text document, and include the notes as well. Select File > Download as > Outline and then make sure to tick the Include text notes checkbox.

Free users will be able to export maps up to 100 KB size. Mindmup Gold users can export maps up to 100 MB online, and larger files offline.