How to resolve common problems

MindMup is an online tool, mostly communicating directly from your browser to third party storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. This means it’s easily affected by other things that might run in the browser - such as third party extensions and log ons. If you’re getting network problem reports and you suspect that the network communication is actually OK, here are some typical steps to resolve the issue:

Problems signing in

Are you using an ad blocker or a privacy extension?
Most third-party content blockers prevent access to third-party authorisation systems. If you want to use Google accounts to sign into MindMup, you may need to whitelist MindMup in your content blocker
Have you blocked third-party cookies?
When Google authenticates you, the browser considers it a third-party from MindMup. If you disabled third-party cookies, this will prevent MindMup from being able to authenticate with Google. You will need to whitelist MindMup to use third-party cookies in order to authenticate with Google accounts. Here are the instructions for Firefox and Chrome
Trying to access MindMup from the Drive Mobile app?
Security restrictions for embedded web frames in the Drive mobile app prevent MindMup from accessing your account. Just browse to from Chrome or Safari on your mobile device, and you’ll be able to open the map.
Using Internet Explorer?
MindMup does not support IE. Please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari
Using Android browser?
MindMup does not support the stock Android browser. Use Chrome on your Android device.

Problems accessing or exporting a map

Was the map created by someone else?
If the map in on Google Drive, it’s not enough for people to just send you the link, they also have to approve access. Ask them to allow access to your account
Is it a map on Google Drive?
Google Drive sometimes resets access privileges to map files, so our application cannot get to them. We’ve noticed this a few times, but it’s outside of our zone of control. This can be fixed by opening the file list using the Drive web interface, right-clicking on the map and selecting ‘Open with MindMup 2’ from the popup menu.
Internet Explorer?
MindMup does not support IE. We test MindMup in the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If you’re accessing the site in an older browser, or an unsupported browser some of the features will not work. In particular, Google Drive access does not work in IE 9. To resolve this problem, please use a more recent browser.
Are you using an ad blocker or a privacy extension?
Some misconfigured privacy-protection extensions and ad blockers prevent access to Google Drive. To check if you have this problem, start MindMup in a private (incognito) mode and check if it works. Here are the instructions for Chrome and Firefox. You may need to whitelist Google Drive in those extensions to allow MindMup to access it
Free map, created more than six months ago?
Free maps are only kept on the MindMup cloud storage for six months (this does not apply to Google Drive). If the map you are trying to access was saved to the free storage more than six months ago, then it is no longer available. Save maps to Google Drive to keep them available for longer, or register for a Gold account and save maps to your Gold storage.

Other problems?

Contact us for resolving other problems