Organise files with tags

You can classify and group maps saved to MindMup Cloud with storage with tags. This makes it easy to quickly find all maps related to a particular topic. Tags are similar to folders, with a key difference that you can assign many tags to a single file.

Add or remove tags

To manage tags, first open the MindMup Cloud file management page:

Select the map by clicking on the thumbnail of that map, and then choosing File > Edit Tags.

You can also assign tags to a map directly from the map editor page, by clicking on the tag icon next to the file name:

In the pop-up dialog, create a new tag or tick the checkboxes next to existing tags to assign them to the map.

Find maps with a tag

Open the MindMup Cloud file management page:

You can find maps with ideas by selecting File > Maps with tag from the main menu.

In the pop-up dialog, select the tags you want to look for and only maps with all the tags will be shown.

To go back to viewing all maps, select View > Show > All maps from the menu