Crowd Links

Crowd Links allow you to easily invite collaborators to participate in a mind mapping session. Just share the crowd link with the other participants, and they will be able to join you without having to register or pay.

You can optionally protect the map with a password, so only authorised participants can join.

Crowd Links are great for:

With Crowd Links, the collaborators do not need a MindMup Gold account - just share a link with them (optionally protecting it with a password), and paste the link to a Slack channel, a Zoom chat or invite people by sending them the link by email.

You can then easily share the link with participants - for example paste it to a Slack channel, or send by email. Anyone who clicks the link will be able to join (Subject to your account capacity limits. See how to increase capacity below.)

Crowd links expire automatically after the period you set, but if you want to remove them sooner:

Compared to sharing maps with other Gold users, Crowd Links do not require the collaborators to have a Gold account. This makes it much easier to invite people for informal sessions. Crowd Links can also be restricted to expire automatically after a short period (for example, you can open access to your map for one hour, or one day).

Compared to publishing maps on MindMup Atlas, Crowd Links allow editing. You can also secure Crowd Links with a password. Published maps are read-only, and do not get automatically updated once the original map is changed. Crowd Link maps will automatically update with each change. You can decide if the visitors can edit or just view the map.

Pricing and availability

Crowd Links are available to Gold users (personal, team and organisational accounts) with a recurring subscription, for maps stored to MindMup Cloud storage.

They are not available for maps stored to Google Drive, to free users, or to Gold users without a recurring subscription.

The basic subscription includes the ability to invite one more person to join the crowd link anonymously, which is intended for very small meetings or testing Crowd Link features.

You can purchase additional capacity (maximum number of concurrent visitors to a map), by getting the Crowd Link add-in for your subscription.

Account type up to 10 visitors per session up to 100 visitors up to 500 visitors more than 500
personal - monthly $2.99/month $5.99/month $11.99/month contact us
personal - yearly $25.00/year $50.00/year $100.00/year contact us
10 member team $50.00/year $100.00/year $200.00/year contact us
100 member team $100.00/year $200.00/year $400.00/year contact us
200 member team $150.00/year $300.00/year $600.00/year contact us
organisation/domain $200.00/year $400.00/year $800.00/year contact us

The maximum number of visitors is for a single mapping session (not for all active crowd links). You can create an unlimited number of crowd links for different maps.

How to increase capacity?

To increase the capacity to 10 concurrent visitors, set up the Crowd Link Add-in:

For more than 10 concurrent visitors, please contact us. We are still working on increasing capacity for this feature for larger meetings, and would love to hear your feedback and needs.

How to remove the Add-in from your subscription?

This will stop the renewal for the Crowd-link addin. You will still be able to use Crowd Links until the end of your current subscription period.

Organisational administrators can prevent users from creating Crowd Links, by disabling external sharing in account privacy settings. For more information, see Configuring Organisational Access