Loading old Google Drive maps

This page provides some ideas for users trying to access old MindMup files from Google Drive, created before 2019, who see one of the following errors:

How to access your data

You will need to ask Google Drive support to export the contents for you. MindMup Gold users can, once they have the contents of the files, contact Gold support for assistance with importing into MindMup cloud storage.

MindMup support, unfortunately, can not assist with getting the data from Google Drive. You will need to contact your Google Drive support representatives about that.

Ask Google Drive support to export the “Drive Realtime API data” associated with the old files for you. Don’t mention MindMup - as soon as you mention a third party application, they’ll tell you it’s outside of your support contract. The support you need from them is with Google Drive (not with MindMup). If the support people you contact don’t know what realtime API is, send them the following link https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com/2017/11/committed-to-storage-apis-retiring.html.

Why you cannot load old files directly in MindMup

The contents of your old files are no longer accessible to MindMup. In September 2019, Google completely removed the API used to manage files in the old collaborative format (Google called this Realtime), for third-party applications such as MindMup.

The deprecation was announced by Google in late 2017. Until July 2018, MindMup primarily used that format for storing maps to Google Drive, in order to provide collaborative map editing. We have since changed the way maps are stored on Google Drive, but we have no access to old maps. Google has not provided any suitable replacement for accessing the files in the old format.

Why was the data not automatically converted?

MindMup has no access to your files on Google Drive without your direct involvement (only your browser sessions can access your files). Because of that, we could not automatically convert the old files for you. During the migration period, we provided several warnings on affected maps asking users to convert, but for a minority of users who did not take action on time, only Google Drive support can now retrieve your files.

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