Manage sharing teams

Larger teams and organisations often have groups that would like to easily share maps – for example a single class in a school, or a project team in a software development organisation. MindMup allows you to create teams within the organisation for sharing maps easily. This page explains how to set up teams and share maps with them.

Organisations with an Office 365 account can alternatively use Microsoft Teams for sharing, instead of creating MindMup teams. Check out Sharing with Microsoft Teams.

Add new teams

Account administrators can make sharing with groups easy by creating teams, and adding members of the group into a team.

To create teams, open the Account Management page and sign in as the account administrator. (If you are not the account administrator, ask your administrator to create a team and add you as the team admin).

On the account page, click the Teams button.

Click the create team button and enter the name of the team in the dialog (for example, the name of a class or project).

The next section explains how you can delegate team administration to regular users, so they can manage team members directly.

Add or remove team members

Open the Account Management page, and sign in either as the account administrator, or a user authorised to manage a team.

On the account page, click the Teams button.

The page will show teams that you can manage. To add or remove members of a team, click the cog icon next to the new team.

In the popup dialog, click Add Members and then add to the team from the list of available email addresses by clicking on one of the icons next to the email address. You have three choices:

Important note: For organisations using third-party authentication (such as signing in with Google or Microsoft accounts), you can only add members of your organisation that have accessed MindMup at least once. If you cannot find a colleague or student, ask them to sign into MindMup first (at, so that MindMup can create their account.

Sharing with a team

To share a map with a team, click the Share button (top-right) when editing a map, or select File > Share from the main application menu. Then select the Add subteam button in the pop-up dialog.

This will show a list of teams that you can share the map with. Click an icon next to the team to share a map with them.